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The band is always looking to recruit more members - we currently have vacancies especially for cornets as well as for some of the other instruments.

If you’re not sure which large metal object would suit you, have a look at the instrument page, which gives a quick overview of the make-up of a brass band.

If you’re still not sure, give us a ring and then come along and try a few of them to see which feels most comfortable.  Horns come in all shapes and sizes - there’s one in there to fit everyone somewhere!

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played anything before - we’ll show you how to read music (it’s not that hard, honestly…), which of the odd buttons you need to push to get which noise out of it - and in most cases we can lend you an instrument to practice on until you feel confident enough to go and buy your own.

We rehearse on Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm - 9pm at Ash Grove Primary School, Belgrave Rd, Macclesfield, so, if you’re interested, come along (maybe a little early) and have a chat.

Alternatively, you can contact Andy by email, either from here or via the “contact”page on this site.