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Hello Everyone,

 After an interesting time getting to grips with some new music, we’re now fast approaching our autumn concerts and our AGM.  Both need support from all our members.


The band AGM will be held on Wednesday 9th October 2019, starting at 7.00pm.  Please note that a normal rehearsal will follow the AGM.  At the AGM all committee posts will be up for election so please contact any of the current committee if you wish to be involved in any way.

A Message from the Chair

An early Autumn greeting to all our players, long serving and new.

This is something I should have been doing for a while – better late than never! I plead extreme stress and busy-ness with selling and moving house! I came back into the job of Chair of MRCBB in Autumn 2018 and have been working hard since then, with great support from the committee who have been excellent. My grateful thanks to all of them.

We have had a really busy year with several gigs and several new players joining us – a huge welcome to these. The biggest change has been Tom Blackwell our Musical Director leaving us to pursue a new challenge in live entertainment in Tenerife and Lanzarote. We have recruited Alice Waterhouse as a new MD with a view of us working out how it works for her, at this stage of her career, and for us. Alice played with us before she went off to Uni to study physiotherapy and she qualified this summer. Things are going really well so far and we have three gigs coming up soon. Then the inevitable Christmas preparation. We will NOT be playing from Simply Christmas this year so we do need to put some solid practice in!

We are coming up to our AGM on 9th October. It’s a good time to reappraise people’s roles, so I would urge any of you who would be willing to take up a place on the committee, to chat to me or any of the current committee and to ask Derek Laidlaw to send the job description  - these are fairly brief! The workloads do vary within these roles so it’s worth having a chat before the AGM.

Play on!

Sue Bowen, Chair of MRCBB

Diary Dates

1. Performances

Sun 22nd Sept (12.15-2.45) : South Park Concert - Confirmed

Sun 29th Sept (12.00-1.30): Treacle Market – Confirmed

Sat 5th Oct (1.30-3.30): St. Oswald’s Church Fair – Confirmed

Sun 22nd Dec (12.00-1.30): Treacle Market – Confirmed

Fri 8th May 2020: VE Bank Holiday Concert in South Park - Provisional

Remember, you can log in to Muzodo for more details of these and occasional extra items.  Contact Arthur Marshall if you have problems with this.

Answering Muzodo requests from Arthur as soon as possible will enable him and Alice to plan play lists for concerts accordingly.  Also, please find time to log into Muzodo frequently and check that your stated availability for forthcoming concerts is kept up to date.

Please note that band dress code for public performances is white tops with band tie, black trousers/skirt and black shoes.  Band coats will also be worn during inclement weather.  Please try to adhere to this code.

2. Social

None currently confirmed but Brian would welcome feedback from the questionnaire that he has recently distributed to band members.

3. Other

Wed 9th October (7.00pm): Band AGM at Ash Grove Academy.

Useful Links

Band Website: http://www.mossrosebrassband.org.uk/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/mossrosebrass

Muzodo Page: https://muzodo.com/


Please let Alice know if you can’t make a rehearsal. There are several ways to do this, viz. website, email or text but please try to give sufficient notice so that she can plan rehearsals accordingly.  If you tell her at a rehearsal that you are going to be absent the following week, please back this up with one of the more persistent methods (email or text).  So much tends to happen at the end of a rehearsal that it is difficult for her to consistently remember individual conversations.

Alice’s contact details are: waterhouses28@sky.com or mobile 07951 600848.

If you text her, please add your name as she’s not psychic.

Band Website

The band's diary is always on our website and the practice recording tracks on the site are updated frequently.  Contact Arthur Marshall if you need help with access.

Mobile Phones

Please ensure that phones are turned off at rehearsal. Thanks!

First aid Boxes

We have two first aid boxes. One is stored in the band filing cabinet in the cupboard in the school hall and the other kept in the banners suitcase and brought to concerts etc.