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Newsletter – September 2018

Hello Everyone,

With summer holidays over for most of us, the autumn/winter concert season is now here so I hope you’re all feeling refreshed and ready for new challenges.

Band Identity

 This is a reminder that we are a Community Band.  In the main, this means that we:-

1. are a non-contesting band,

2. accept players of all standards,

3. play at local community events,

4. enjoy ourselves by learning and improving our playing standard.

AGM 2018

 This year's MRCBB AGM will be held in the Ash Grove Academy Main Hall on Wednesday 31st October 2018, starting at 7.00 pm.  As usual, normal rehearsal will begin directly after the AGM hasinish fed.  Please make every effort to attend your AGM.

 A major part of the meeting will be dedicated to the election of a committee for the forthcoming year.  It important that everyone should feel that they can contribute to the band so nominations for any of the committee posts, as listed later in this newsletter, will be happily received by the Secretary.  If anyone requires more information about particular posts, please contact the Secretary.


Here is a very welcome update from Paula Thane:

Hello everyone, here is a little update on where I am up to in my treatment and how I am doing. I have almost completed my chemotherapy with one last session on Monday 1st Oct, a major milestone. Next one will be surgery towards the end of October. I have responded well to the Chemotherapy and side effects have been very minimal, the support drugs (antihistamines and anti-sickness) work wonders. I do get tired and have to be careful about infection, but so far so good and I manage to do most things I want.

I wouldn't be able to do any of it without Colin who is my rock and soulmate, he looks after me so well and a bonus, he could compete on Masterchef now.

It helps enormously knowing that you are all thinking of me and I hope to see you all socially in the coming months.

Best wishes to you all

Love Paula x”

Our Chairman Pennie is also making good progress since her recent foot operation.

Our first public performance of the Autumn/Winter season, at St Oswald’s Church Garden Party, was well received by the audience.  Many thanks to Chris Royle for conducting us and to our guest players for supporting us.

Talking Point

 Arthur Marshall has submitted the following suggestion, concerning the musical aspirations of the band, in the expectation that it will provoke some meaningful debate about our future music selection.

“Over the past few years, we've built up quite a bulky folder of pieces, a fair few of which we are never likely to play again. We use a variety of them at concerts, but do we really need to bring them all to rehearsal every week?

I would like to suggest that, instead, we only have about a dozen pieces in the folder (a few more at Christmas, admittedly) and this would help us to concentrate practice, both in and out of Wednesday's rehearsal, on the newer pieces that we've looked at this year, plus the Christmas pieces. Every now and then, a piece would be added as we get the hang of the originals.

 There's obviously no intention of deserting the rest of the pieces that we've been playing - for a start, they are fun to play and we'll need them for concerts, so they will still need rehearsing but we don't really need to look at them that often any more, Every now and then we could play through them to keep them fresh, and, if we have a concert coming up, we would sort out a playlist, rehearse it over a few weeks and then run through the whole thing the week before the concert.  All the recordings of the old pieces will remain on the website rehearsal pages, so any time that you want to run through them at home, the backing tracks will be available.  

The critical point is that we would be concentrating more on the newer pieces and not spending so much time on the older ones.  

What the Committee would like to know is what you (the band members, who, after all, have to play this stuff and are the ones that matter) think of the idea.  In a couple of days I'll send out a Muzodo message and you can just say yes or no as to whether you agree with the suggestion.*

The first pieces I'd suggest including in the pad would be:

Battle Hymn of the Republic, Colours of the Wind, Congratulations, Don't Cry for Me Argentina, The Entertainer, Liberty Bell, Marching Through the Movies, Morning Has Broken, You'll Never Walk Alone and possibly Calamity Jane, Christmas Crackers, Christmas Swing, Jingle Bell Boogie, Winters Tale”

 Although these are Arthur’s personal ideas, he is right to say that the Committee would like to know what you, the band members, think.  You can get in touch with Arthur and/or, if you wish, send opinions/ideas to the Secretary.  The more members engage, the better the decisions will be.

Diary Dates

Sun 30th Sept: Treacle Market – Confirmed

Wed 31st October: Band AGM, Ash Grove Academy 7pm.

Sun 23rd  Dec: Christmas Treacle Market – Confirmed

Remember, you can log in to Muzodo for more details of these events.  Contact Arthur Marshall if you have any problems with this.

Answering Muzodo requests from Arthur as soon as possible will enable him and Tom to plan play lists for concerts accordingly.  Also, please find time to log into Muzodo frequently and check that your stated availability for forthcoming concerts is kept up to date.


Useful Links

Band Website: http://www.mossrosebrassband.org.uk/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/mossrosebrass

Muzodo Page: https://muzodo.com/


Please let Tom know if you can’t make a rehearsal. There are several ways to do this, viz. website, email or text but please try to give sufficient notice so that Tom can plan rehearsals accordingly.  Even if you tell Tom at a rehearsal that you are going to be absent the following week, please use one of the more persistent methods as well.

Band Website

The band's diary is always on our website and the practice recording tracks on the site are updated frequently.  Contact Arthur Marshall if you need help with access.

Mobile Phones

Please ensure that phones are turned off at rehearsal. Thanks!

First aid Boxes

We have two first aid boxes. One is stored in the band filing cabinet in the cupboard in the school hall and the other kept in the banners suitcase and brought to concerts etc.

  *Arthur’s note.  No Muzodo has been sent as I’ve been away.  As far as I am aware, apart from a few positive responses on Facebook, no-one else has indicated any strong feelings, or, in fact, any at all…