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JULY 2019

Hello Everyone,

 Apologies for the late arrival of this edition of the newsletter.  It should have been published in June but so much has been happening over the last few months that this has slipped to July to deal with some important events.  We have recently played at three summer events in quick succession – see the feedback later – and are now moving on to new challenges.


After four and a half years leading the band, our MD, Tom Blackwell, is leaving us to pursue a new career direction in Tenerife.  We wish him all the best in his new job and thank him for all the hard work that he has put into the band.  To replace Tom as MD, we have engaged the services of Alice Waterhouse.  Many of you will know Alice, as she has worked with the band in the past but left us to study at university.  Having now graduated, she is back in town and is pleased to be taking up the challenge of following Tom in the hot seat.

Another significant leaver last month was our Asset Manager, Carol Lax, who has moved back to her roots in Nottingham.  Carol was with the band for more years than she cares to remember and, in 2014, became the committee member responsible for wardrobe (and latterly assets).  She will be sorely missed but we wish her well for the future.  She leaves a big gap in our organization so, if any member feels that they can take over some, or all, of her duties, please speak up.  Carol has kindly penned a few words for us later in this newsletter.

Due to external pressures, Chris Ratcliffe has also had to leave the band.  As a retired GP, Chris became the unofficial band doctor, as well as a valued euphonium player.  When confronted with symptoms by band members, his advice was generally, “Go and see your GP.”

To redress the balance, we welcome Richard Brookes-Tee to our bass section.  Richard has added much appreciated experience to the section and has rapidly settled into the band.

Thanks from Treacle Market

After we played at the treacle market on Sunday 30th June, Arthur received the following in an email from the organizer, which he wishes to share with us all:

“A huge thank you for bringing the band to Treacle on Sunday. Such a pleasure to have them with us. They created such a wonderful atmosphere and were so brilliant marking the Silk Queen's Coronation. Please pass my thanks on to all involved.”

Thanks from St Paul’s Fair

Here’s another bit of feedback via Arthur, following our appearance at St Paul’s Summer Fair on Saturday 13th July:

“Please pass on a huge thank you to your band for their performance at our summer fair. It was fantastic to have you with us and people enjoyed you playing. Thank you!  We’d love to have you join us at other events so I’ll drop you a line when they happen and if you can join us then that would be great!

Thanks and regards Matthew”

Diary Dates

1. Performances

Sun 22nd Sept : South Park Concert - Confirmed

Sun 29th Sept (12.30-1.30): Treacle Market – Confirmed

Sat 5th Oct (1.30-3.30): St. Oswald’s Church Fair – Confirmed

Sun 22nd Dec (12.30-1.30): Treacle Market – Confirmed

Remember, you can log in to Muzodo for more details of these and occasional extra items.  Contact Arthur Marshall if you have problems with this.

Answering Muzodo requests from Arthur as soon as possible will enable him and Alice to plan play lists for concerts accordingly.  Also, please find time to log into Muzodo frequently and check that your stated availability for forthcoming concerts is kept up to date.

Please note that band dress code for public performances is white tops with band tie, black trousers/skirt and black shoes.  Band coats will also be worn during inclement weather.  Please try to adhere to this code.

2. Social

None currently confirmed but here’s a note from Brian:

Hi band,

A bit quiet over the summer period with social events but the tea/coffee and biscuits seem very popular. Great to see so many of us arriving early for band and standing around chatting.

I often post brass band related concerts etc. in our Facebook page, so keep an eye on it and I might see you at some of them.

Buxton Pavilion Gardens has a brass band every Sunday afternoon on the bandstand.

If anyone has any ideas for social events after the summer break, please let me know.


Please contact the Social Secretary, Brian for further details.

A Parting Note.... (from Carol Lax)

My time spent with the Moss Rose Community Brass Band has been memorable from day one. I recall my first encounter with a Baritone mouthpiece as if it was yesterday. Back in those days it was said the instrument chooses you not you who chooses the instrument. I tried several mouthpieces and the only one I could make a noise through was the faithful Barry! 

Having mastered a ‘c’ (after two short weeks), I was straight into the main band.... and proceeded to honk through every rest I encountered. Home practice and lessons helped greatly, but I’m the first to admit that 4 years later I’m still wearing ‘L’ Plates!!!! 

It’s been a fun filled pleasure to play along at so many concerts with so many good friends and I will miss you all very much. I hope you all continue to enjoy your rehearsals and future concerts and wish you all well. 

Saying goodbye for now, but hope to meet up with you all again one day. 


New Band Photo

Many of you will have noticed that the band lineup has changed somewhat since the photo at the top of the newsletter was taken so a new photograph will be commissioned later this year.  It will probably mean wearing band uniform to one of our rehearsals but you will be given plenty of notice.

Useful Links

Band Website: http://www.mossrosebrassband.org.uk/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/mossrosebrass

Muzodo Page: https://muzodo.com/


Please let Alice know if you can’t make a rehearsal. There are several ways to do this, viz. website, email or text but please try to give sufficient notice so that she can plan rehearsals accordingly.  If you tell her at a rehearsal that you are going to be absent the following week, please back this up with one of the more persistent methods (email or text).  So much tends to happen at the end of a rehearsal that it is difficult for her to consistently remember individual conversations.

Alice’s contact details are: waterhouses28@sky.com or mobile 07951 600848.

If you text her, please add your name as she’s not psychic.

Band Website

The band's diary is always on our website and the practice recording tracks on the site are updated frequently.  Contact Arthur Marshall if you need help with access.

Mobile Phones

Please ensure that phones are turned off at rehearsal. Thanks!

First aid Boxes

We have two first aid boxes. One is stored in the band filing cabinet in the cupboard in the school hall and the other kept in the banners suitcase and brought to concerts etc.

Contact Details

Chair:  Sue Bowen                   suebowen4@gmail.com

Secretary: Derek Laidlaw dalaidlaw@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Leigh Broadbent broadbent.la@hotmail.com

Concerts: Arthur Marshall arthur@barndancer.co.uk

Assets: Vacant  

Librarian: Peter Wheeldon peterwheeldon@virginmedia.com

Membership: Andy Durrant amdurrant@talktalk.net

Keyholder: Peter Wheeldon peterwheeldon@virginmedia.com

Webmaster: Arthur Marshall arthur@barndancer.co.uk

Social Secretary:

Musical Director: Brian Etchells

Alice Waterhouse brian_etchells@talk21.com


07951 600848

Photo from Macc Pride

1 Callum taking on fuel before the Pride performance.