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Brass Band music covers a pretty wide field - everything from adaptations of film music and TV themes to classical - as well as pieces specifically written for the format.

We tend to stick to what is generally regarded as “Junior Band” music - as is said elsewhere, most of us are fairly new both to playing music and these particular instruments, so you are unlikely to hear us playing the same repertoire as the Black Dyke or Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Bands!

However, this doesn’t mean that the music isn’t fun to play, and that some of it is pretty challenging, even to the more experienced members of the sections.

We play standard Brass Band tunes like the British Grenadiers or the Saints (you know them, they keep on marching in…) and swinging arrangements of marches such as Liberty Bell - the Monty Python theme tune!  There are film themes like those from the Pirates of the Caribbean or Jurassic Park and interesting arrangements of English dance tunes like The Floral Dance .

Sometimes we get invited to play at a church service, so the odd hymn tune makes its appearance, and, of course, for the Christmas concerts we rampage our way through a set of Christmas Carols.

All of it, in the traditional brass band style, is entertaining and interesting to play and our musical directors are skilled at picking music which slowly but surely forces us to think more about what we are playing, and so to improve gradually over time.

It must be stressed that this is not a competition or a marching band - this is a band for people who just like to play music and work together, not to compete either against each other or against other bands.