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I’ve never played an instrument.  Can I still join?

I haven’t got an instrument, and don’t really know which one I’d like.

I can’t read music.

Do you teach beginners?

Yes, most of our members were complete beginners when they joined us. If there’s interest, we’ll set up a training band.

You can come along and have a look and listen, maybe try out one or two, and we can probably lend you one to get you started.

It’s not as hard as it looks - you will learn as you play.  Again, most of us couldn’t read music when we joined.

At the moment we don’t have a training group, but as soon as we get any applicants, we’ll start one!  We’ll show you the basics, but as we aren’t trained for it, once you’ve got the hang of how to make a noise, you’re better off finding a proper teacher.  And, in the meantime, coming along to the training group to play with others.