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There have been some questions raised as to why we have been concentrating so much on a certain type of music, rather to the exclusion of everything else.  As this has entirely been my decision, I'll try to give a full explanation.

At the beginning of May, we are playing what is quite a prestigious concert in the pavilion in South Park for the VE Day bank holiday celebrations. We aren't alone - there are choirs and other as yet unknown activities going on in the park as well as us, but we are the prime source of the music for the afternoon.

The original plan was that our previous MD would start work on the new music last autumn, and we bought some new music scores that looked suitable and put a list together of music we already knew that might be suitable and passed them to the MD for a decision and a suggested programme.  The plan was to learn one or two every few weeks among all the Christmas material so it wouldn't be too much  at any one time.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, this didn't happen and at the start of this year I just got everything back untouched.  Richard (our librarian) then printed out what had been on the suggestion list (which is what got dished out at the beginning of the year in a folder) but when we looked properly at some of them it was obvious that they were well beyond our capability, especially with no regular MD.

We then had to source pieces that we could actually play, look through all the scores (three books full),  find what we could probably get a grip on without any regular MD to give us consistent direction, download or purchase the scores, print them out and bind them and get the parts issued.

As Concert Secretary, I decided that my first consideration was to get the music for VE day sorted out.  An MD would be able to look at the score and decide if it was playable, but as we don't have one, the only way to do that was to play through every piece to see if we could.  This is what we've done, and why it was a bit of a one trick pony at the start of the year.  

We have now played through them all at least twice, so there's no new music to learn for the VE day concert, so we can go back to rehearsing some of the older pieces as well as keeping track of the new ones. It was suggested that we learn the “Great Escape”, so we’ll be having a look at that soon as well. There is a schedule of what we’ve played so far, and what we expect to play in the future, under the “rehearsal” tab - or just click here.

The schedule is based on suggestions by band members and the need to prepare for the concerts.  Obviously, once we get an MD in place, this all disappears and they will take over the organisation of the musical side of the band.

We have to let the conductors know several days before they come what they're going to be looking at, so it seemed sensible to select about six pieces and then let them choose from them rather than just throw the whole cabinet full at them.



Sunday 26 April: Treacle at Christchurch

Friday 8 May: VE Day Concert in South Park

Wednesday 1 July: Ash Grove Academy Parents Session (2pm - 3pm)

Wednesday 8 July: Ash Grove Academy Concert (2pm - 3pm)

Sunday 27 September: Treacle Market (12.30pm - 1.30pm)

Saturday 3 October: St Oswalds Church Fair (TBC)

Sunday 19 December: Christmas concert at Christchurch

For programme see the Playlist page.           

If any dates are wrong or missing, please send them to arthur@mossrosebrassband.org.uk