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How it All Began

Moss Rose Community Brass band was formed in July 2009 as an offshoot of the Moss Rose Partnership, a group of people keen to promote the active involvement of members of the local community in joint and shared activities. The original idea was put forward by myself and Barrie Hardern. It would have been impossible to just start such a venture without the contacts, that is, the people who DID know what they were doing! Therefore Liz Hudson and Louise Renshaw stepped forward to support the scheme.

Of the original members none had ever played a brass instrument before and most could not read music. We think in that sense our Band is unique as we always encourage complete beginners to just come and have a go. This is in spite of the fact that some more experienced players have since joined, as they have fitted in very well with our ethos of having fun making music together.

A very small group of us made our first public appearance at Ash Grove Primary School’s Summer Fair in July 2011, followed by a brief appearance in South Park bandstand. At this, a lady from a well-known local band commented on how “brave” we were. This did, of course, feel like being “damned with faint praise” !  Nevertheless we continue to be brave and to enjoy our joint music sessions!

Sue Bowen