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The Moss Rose Community Brass Band was formed in 2009 and has been playing around Macclesfield ever since.

Based on the Moss estate, we aim to provide a friendly and welcoming place for those who would like to both learn and play an instrument.  Most of our members are fairly new to playing music and so we are all learning as we go along in an informal and unpressured way.  We don't go in for competitions, and we don't go marching, but we do play for local events such as church or school fairs and the odd Treacle market..

At the moment, we don't have a formal training group where complete beginners can learn from scratch - largely because those who were originally in that group are now all in the main band! However, as soon as we get any interest from anyone who might like to have a go, we will see what we can do about setting such a group up.  We can probably even lend you an instrument to try out to see how you get on.  We also have instruction books in our library.

You can call in on a rehearsal evening on a Wednesday at Ash Grove Academy, Belgrave Rd, Macclesfield SK11 7TF at around 7.00pm, or for more information you can email or contact  any of the committee via the Contact page.

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Come along and join us! If you’ve ever played before, even fifty years ago at school, you’ll be fine!

If you’ve never played at all, but fancy a go, get in touch and we’ll arrange a “taster” session for you. If you enjoy it, we’ll sort out some basic tuition - no charge!

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