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The Moss Rose Community Brass Band was formed in 2009 and has been playing around Macclesfield ever since.

Brass Bands consist, in essence, of a collection of people blowing raspberries down bits of interestingly bent pipe.

Full descriptions of these bits of metal can be seen elsewhere on this website, but, in short, they are cornets (nothing to do with ice cream, they're basically curled up trumpets) that usually play the tune, tenor and baritone horns, euphoniums and  trombones which play the harmony lines, and basses (which in orchestras are called tubas).  Most of them have three or four valves which you use to alter the note, apart from trombones which just have a long slide with which a trombonist can annoy the person sitting in front of them in the band by trying to knock their hat off.

Many bands will march in parades or enter competitions as well as playing concerts.  Although we often play for Macclesfield's Treacle Markets, church fetes and school events as a Community Band, we don't march or compete. We are more about making music and enjoying each other's company - many of our members have discovered the pleasure of playing an instrument fairly late in their lives, and while some used to play at school and feel like having another go, others have tired of the travelling and stress involved in competition bands and settled down with us.  

Generally, a new member needs to be able to read the notes on a treble clef, and have a nodding acquaintance (however rusty) with how to get a note out of an instrument.  If they don’t currently have an one of their own, we do have a stock of most types which we can lend to get you started again.  We also have a lending library of music tutor and tune books to help practice at home. There's no charge for membership, although as we have regular expenses (rehearsal rooms,  music and conductors don't come free!), members can, should they wish, make an entirely voluntary weekly contribution.

We are a friendly bunch, having fun on a Wednesday night.  If you feel this might be for you, get in touch via the contact page or just come along a bit early and meet us.

We meet every Wednesday night from 7.30pm to 9pm at Ash Grove Academy, Belgrave Rd, Macclesfield SK11 7TF



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